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Sat 23rd - Fundraiser Dinner
Sat 24th - Belairs Concert

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Bonnie Warren 10/9
Linda Hart 10/20
Diane Cramer 10/31
Kitty Yackle 10/18
Penny Wynn 10/4
Gail Moore 10/29
Mary (Lisa) Gillespie 10/23
Nora Gluck 10/21
Renee Chinchilla 10/4
Kim Waybourn 10/17
Tamara Kane 10/5
Lelani Mandac 10/18
Robert (Robtober) Ashbaugh 10/15
John Castellon 10/2
Richard Davis 10/13
Charles Flores 10/2
Todd Fritsche 10/7
Thomas Grundig 10/9
Michael Hammond 10/29
Michael Pratti 10/5
Albert Solario 10/17
John Willard 10/20
Hello Moosers and Moosettes,
Just wanted to let everyone know that I survived the Cal / Nevada Convention in Reno. The one thing I came away with and something we lose sight of, is the Moose Lodge is more than a bar, WE OUR A CHARITY ORGANIZATION that supports Mooseheart and Moosehaven so please keep this in mind when we do raffles, 50/50, jokers wild or whatever the fund raiser may be. Thank you for those who supported the "Inner City kids" Fundraiser by Kat, it was great to see our youth working hard to meet their goals!

Here are a few upcoming events this month. October 21st BAR BINGO, TURNAROUND to StateLine on the 22nd and the KIDS Halloween party on the 23rd. Make sure you support all or at least one of the events.

Remember Wednesday and Thursday MOOSE SPECIALS from 3 to 6 with $2.00 draft beer, $2.50 bottle. Lastly, thanks to all who came out and helped out with The Belairs, and to the officers who stepped up not only to setup and clean up but also the donations we received in order to pay the band, chairs and tables we appreciate you! Come on out and support your lodge, we can't do this alone.


Hello Fellow Moose Members,
I want to thank Rachel for doing the 50/50 for the Belairs concert, we appreciate you! All women are welcome to attend meetings on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at 7:00 PM. Rachel will be doing BAR BINGO on October 21st, 7 to 9, please come down and enjoy the fun! Don't forget to sign your kids up for the Kids Halloween Party on Sunday, Oct 23 from 3-5.

Hope everyone has a great month!
- Connie

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Prayers go out to Linda Hart & Buddy Cox. Memorial Service for Bob Grundig (Too Tall) Will be held on Saturday, Oct 15th 3:00 pm


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