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14 SUN - District Fundraiser
20 SAT - Belairs Concert!

18 SAT - Car Show!!
25 SAT - Kids Halloween
31 FRI - Adult Halloween

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Justine Koo - 9/3
Lorna Eckert - 9/5
Roger Knupp - 9/6
Yvonne Elizondo - 9/6
Don Matson - 9/7
John Vackle - 9/7
Salud Perez - 9/8
Lee Servin - 9/9
Mike Blum - 9/10
Stephanie Bisbee - 9/13
Bob Hoover - 9/14
Catherine Kennedy - 9/14
Carmen Armendariz - 9/14
Joanne Corbin - 9/16
Armida Cabral - 9/16
Cassandra Post - 9/18
Harold Fellbaum - 9/19
Josephine Estrada - 9/20
Rita Francis - 9/21
Chris Aguirre - 9/23
Timothy May - 9/23
Paul Viscetto - 9/23
Debbie Miller - 9/28
Kali Wallupe - 9/28
Vivian Gallo - 9/28
Kim Knupp - 9/30

John Castellon - 10/2
Charles Flores - 10/2
Penny Wynn - 10/4
Renee Chinchilla - 10/4
Valerie Ramirez - 10/5
Michael Pratti - 10/5
Tamara Kane - 10/5
Todd Fritsche - 10/7
Thomas Grundig - 10/9
Richard Davis - 10/13
Carolyn Richardson - 10/13
Robert Ashbaugh - 10/15
Albert Solario - 10/17
Kim Waybourn - 10/17
Kitty Yackle - 10/18
Lelani Mandac - 10/18
John Willard - 10/20
Linda Hart - 10/20
Nora Gluck - 10/21
Mary Gillespie - 10/23
Michael Hammond - 10/29
Gail Moore - 10/29
Diane Cramer - 10/31
Susanne Luna - 10/31
Jessica Coleman - 10/31

Joe Cortes
Brad Proffitt
Greg Hammel
Robert Morrison
Robert Ramos
Steve Cisnevos
Rachelle Rios
Debbie Espinoza
Anete Hammel
Jenna Chase
Greetings LOOM & WOTM,
During the summer months our utilities almost double because our refrigeration equipment have to work twice as hard in the heat, we desperately need cash flowing what better way than to volunteer to sponsor an event. Calling on all LOOM and WOTM officers, what better way than to lead by example, sponsor an event!!! I'm sure our members will follow.

We have some special events coming up and could use help both with donations for the raffles or help with setup, running booths or cleanup, the Bel Air's outdoor concert in September and the Car show in November see any officer. If you can't help or donate because of your personal schedules, showing up to an event and supporting it also helps revenue. As I mentioned in the past it is getting more difficult to find members who volunteer to cook on Fridays and Sundays, if you're up to the challenge we invite you to come show your skills... as always I would like to thank the volunteers who work week after week to keep our lodge afloat. God Bless LOOM, WOTM, Mooseheart & Moosehaven.

It's September and the kids are back in school, then comes October and Halloween, then November and Thanksgiving, then December and Christmas. Where has the year gone?

The CNMA Convention will be in Reno, Nevada starting September 3rd and concluding on Sunday September 7th 2014. I hope to see you there.

Here at the Lodge, we have the Belairs outdoor concert on Saturday September 20th 2014 and the 3rd Annual Car show will be Saturday October 18th. Bring your pride and joy show it off. There is no entry fee. Please feel free to help support your Lodge in any way you can.

Come and join us for Sunday Breakfast, Tuesday Tacos and Friday Night Dinners. I don't think you will be disappointed.

As always, say a prayer for our senior members at Moosehaven and the children at Mooseheart.

Hello Moose family,
We're looking forward to an exciting and busy two months! The Bel Airs concert will be on Sept. 2nd and the car show on Oct. 18th. Our Annual Kids Halloween Party is on October 25th and our Adult Costume Party and potluck on Friday the 31st!

We will need volunteers to help at these upcoming events. Sign up sheets for volunteers will be in the social quarters. We are looking for donations of candy, trinkets, goodies, and doodads for the kids Halloween party. There will be a box to drop off your much appreciated donations.

As always, we have openings for cooks!!! Please check the calendar for open dates!!!

As a reminder, all newsletter articles are due the 18th of each month. If there's anything you'd like to include in the next newsletter or if you found a problem on the website please contact me at

Continued prayers going out to Brenda Hoover, Robert "DOC" Horn, Linda Hart and to all others members or family who are in need of prayer.


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