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Sat 6 & Sun 7 - 2 Hotts Class
Fri 19 - DJ music & Trivia
Sat 13 - Del Mar Turnaround

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Brad Proffitt 8/1
Connie Vogt 8/1
Briana Davis 8/2
Steven Jorgensen 8/2
Alfonso Corral 8/2
Jim Murphy 8/4
Jason Dollins 8/8
Cloyd Summer 8/9
Gloria Solario 8/10
Allen Bisbee 8/12
Vera Banuelos 8/12
Albert Casias 8/14
Vincent Ortega 8/14
Steve Lyon 8/14
Gary Mullican 8/16
Deborah Valentine 8/17
Roger Killingsworth 8/19
Janice Coats 8/20
David David 8/21
Dori Crosby 8/22
Ann Dominguez 8/23
Dorothy Gonzales 8/23
Mike Kaser 8/23
Jim Wenzel 8/28
Antonio Baiz 8/30
Diane Gallo 8/30
Steve Alvarez 8/30
Raymond Ramirez 8/31
Adrijana Mackovska 8/31
Hello fellow Moose members,
First off I would like to thank everyone who helped out with the outdoor Belairs concert: setting up, cooking, and cleanup, it was a huge success!! (Look out for a future Belair concert in September) During this event we signed up over 13 new members!

WELCOME to All our new members! I hope with your new membership that you will take advantage of all our Lodge has to offer. Though often seen as just a place to "stop in" for a drink, we strive to be more. We want to be a place to meet new friends and to provide events that your whole family can enjoy together; as well as giving to those in need through "Mooseheart" and "Moosehaven" among other charities.

I would also like to thank Rachel for hosting the "Bar Bingo" it went really well. I hope the WOTM will host many more events like this.

We have the "Del Mar Turnaround" on Saturday 8/13.

We have the "2 HOTTS CLASS" on 8/6 and 8/7, if you're interested in being an administrator see me.

We had a lot of equipment breakdown last month; the ice machine, air cond, freezer & ovens, luckily we had the Belairs and the Pool Banquet to help cover the costs to fix those, which leads me to my next statement:

The Calendar for August was pretty blank, we need to keep this calendar full in order to continue our efforts to keep Anaheim Moose Lodge alive, please sign-up to: cook, host a 50/50, host an event, donate a basket to raffle, sign-up a member, host Bar Bingo; ect. anything to generate revenue, any amount will help!

Your donations whether by money, your time, efforts, or contributions are what keep us alive and able to give back and to help others as well as ourselves. Your support is vital more than ever! Thank you everyone who has stepped up!


Hello fellow Moose members,
I want to thank Rachel for Bar Bingo, it was a lot of fun and successful! Thank you everyone who participated.

There will be a woman from Moose International here on Sept. 18. She will be meeting with the women and then joint meeting with the men. Hope you can attend.

All women are welcome to attend meetings on the 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m.

Hope everyone has a great month! Sr. Regent Connie

- Connie

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Prayers going out to Robert Doc Horn, Linda Hart, Bob Grundig (Too Tall) and anyone else in need.


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