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Albert Casias 8/14
Allen Bisbee 8/12
Ann Dominguez 8/23
Antonio Baiz 8/30
Brad Proffitt 8/1
Briana Davis 8/2
Chantel Jerman 8/3
Cloyd Summer 8/9
Connie Vogt 8/1
David David 8/21
Deborah Valentine 8/17
Diane Gallo 8/30
Dori Crosby 8/22
Dorothy White 8/23
Gloria Solario 8/10
Janice Coats 8/20
Jason Dollins 8/8
Jim Murphy 8/4
Jim Wenzel 8/28
Mike Kaser 8/23
Raymond Ramirez 8/31
Roger Killingsworth 8/19
Steve Alvarez 8/30
Steven Jorgensen 8/2
Vera Banuelos 8/12
Vincent Ortega 8/14

Don Brown
Stephen Bush
I would like to start off by saying WELCOME to All our new members! I hope with your new membership that you will take advantage of all our Lodge has to offer. Though often seen as just a place to "stop in" for a drink, we strive to be more. We want to be a place to meet new friends and to provide events that your whole family can enjoy together; as well as giving to those in need through "Mooseheart" and other charities.

Speaking of "events", I would like to remind everyone of our Biggest (and hopefully our best ever) Summer Event. Mark your calendars for "The Whole Pig Roast" scheduled for August 22nd!!! We will have music provided by the band "Grooveswitch". Be prepared to 'Switch Your Groove' to their Jazzy/Contemporary renditions with a full horn section, and a new sound everyone should love. Also, Country singer/songwriter Nick Peterson will be opening for Grooveswitch as well. Nick is an accomplished guitarist who has played and written for over 50 years and we welcome his and Grooveswitch's donations of their time and talent.

Your donations whether they be of money, your time, efforts, or contributions are what keep us alive and able to give back and to help others as well as ourselves. Your support is vital now, more than ever!

Joe Moreland

Hello my fellow Moosers and Moosettes. As you may or may not know, there is a new set of officers that were installed by default. As a member that sat on the other side of the bar for 20 plus years, I never realized the amount of work it takes to keep the Lodge open and appreciate all the people that came before me.

As the Governator I promise that I'll give 110% of my time and effort to make lodge 1853 awesome but it's going to take all of us to step in for complete success. Are we up for the challenge? Have a little patience with us, we'll be making mistakes along the way but with your help we'll get them corrected and have fun on the journey.

We have 142 members of the Lodge if we could get everyone to sign up 1 member this year that would be a great start to turning the Lodge around and back to giving support to the charities that are close to our hearts.

Don't forget we have a Pig Roast coming up on August 22. I would like to see everyone show up since it will be our first fundraiser. Please invite all your family and friends. We're hoping for a big turnout as it's our start to get us back on tract.

Further, we need volunteers for event coordinator. Any takers? Don't forget Taco Tuesday, Friday dinner with Jokers Wild and Karaoke and Sunday breakfast.

Special thanks to all the members that have donated their time, money and cooking skills, especially Kat for her donation.

Below is my email and cell number. If you have any suggestions, fundraiser ideas or complaints please let me know.

Randy Ferguson  |  (714) 920-8478

Happy 4th of July! Greetings friends,
I want to thank all of you for helping make this a very good month for the lodge, I would like to recognice Betty Kane for receiving her College of Regent! Congratulations Betty! I also want to thank Karen Paul for her community service for the Ronald McDonald house! Thank you Karen! We need more volunteers for dishwashing, cleanup and cashiers for dinner. Please come help suppport our new cooks by attending each Friday and enjoy the delicous meal that they prepare. Thank you to the WOTM for the amazing Father's Days Breakfast.

- Tuggy

As a reminder, all newsletter articles are due the 18th of each month. If there's anything you'd like to include in the next newsletter or if you found a problem on the website please contact me at

Our condolences go out to the Sapp family on the passing of our beloved brother Sam. Prayers going out to Mike Clute, Linda Hart and anyone else in need.


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