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4 FRI - 4TH of July BBQ!

31 SUN - Fiesta Breakfast

20 SAT - Belairs Concert!

18 SAT - Car Show!!

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Marlene Mayer - 7/10
Rodney Smith - 7/12
Art Tejada - 7/12
George Hull - 7/12
Charles Musselmar - 7/13
Rachel Gomez - 7/14
Andrea Llamas - 7/14
Stacy Wheaton - 7/16
Marlene Gibbons - 7/17
Bob Schou - 7/18
Carolyn Conover - 7/18
Thomas Hart - 7/19
Dennis Calderilla - 7/19
Vince Varela - 7/21
Alan Lauria - 7/22
Robert Horn - 7/24
Betty Kane - 7/25
Gary Tucker - 7/26
James Pelegrino - 7/27
Matthew Cabral - 7/28
Anthony Arnold - 7/31
Susan Cue - 7/31

Connie Vogt - 8/1
Laurel Hamilton - 8/2
Chantel Jerman - 8/3
Jim Murphy - 8/4
Joyce Flores - 8/4
Felix Garcia - 8/7
Jennifer Gonzales - 8/7
Cloyd Summers - 8/9
Gloria Solario - 8/10
Leisa Cierley - 8/11
Allen Bisbee - 8/12
Vera Banuelos - 8/12
Silverio Yogvez - 8/14
Vincent Ortega - 8/14
Crystal German - 8/15
Deborah Valentine - 8/17
Roger Killingsworth - 8/19
Janice Coats - 8/20
David David - 8/21
William German - 8/21
Mike Kaser - 8/23
Dorothy Mc Donald - 8/23
Ann Dominguez - 8/23
Jim Wenzel - 8/28
Larry Clements - 8/30
Steve Alvarez - 8/30
Shelly Cox - 8/30
Raymond Ramirez - 8/31
Gaby Buenrostro - 8/31

Carroll Thomas
Christopher Frias
Mike Blum
Sidney Bass
Thomas Grundig
Greetings LOOM & WOTM.
As always I would like to thank all the volunteers for all you do we appreciate you!

We have a few big events coming in the next few months, if you would like to be involved please see an officer we need all the help we can get!!

I would like to bring up a sensitive matter that needs to be addressed, At Anaheim Moose Lodge we strive to be the best we can, we make every effort to obey the By-Laws set by Moose International. In doing so we don't mean to disrespect anyone of our members. If we have offended anyone, we apologize but there are rules and regulations we must follow. We hope that everyone is proud to carry their Moose card and show it proudly each and every time you enter the lodge. If you have an issue or concern you feel needs to be addressed come to a general meeting and voice your concern! Don't stay away, nothing gets resolved that way.

I'll start by saying that the District # 19 Picnic was a great success. Everyone had a wonderful time.

We will be firing up the BBQ for the Fourth of July. Please come by the lodge and enjoy the festivities.

Mark Saturday September 20th on your calendars!!! We will be having an out-door concert featuring "The Belairs"!

We are asking that our members consider volunteering once a month to cook either a Sunday Breakfast, a Taco Tuesday or a Friday night dinner. Help out when you can. Thanks.

By this reading, the International Moose Convention in Las Vegas will be over, Please don't forget the California Nevada Moose Association September convention in Reno Nevada.

As always, say a prayer for our senior members at Moosehaven and the children at Mooseheart.

Hello from the Women of the Moose.

Our new officers have settled in to their positions nicely. We are all busy trying to make plans for future events. We will provide details when they are finalized. Keep checking the social quarters and lobby for info!

A big thank you to all the women who cooked and provided food for the Fathers Day Brunch!

Speaking of food, We still need cooks. Gals and guys welcome! Taco Tuesday, Friday night dinner and Sunday breakfast all have openings for your talents! Don't know what to do? Just ask!

Congratulations to all this year's graduates. From cute Kinders to happy high schoolers and especially college.

I will have more to say about Las Vegas convention in the next newsletter. I'm looking forward to a great summer with you here at the Anaheim Moose.

As a reminder, all newsletter articles are due the 18th of each month. If there's anything you'd like to include in the next newsletter or if you found a problem on the website please contact me at

Continued prayers going out to Brenda Hoover, Robert, "Doc" Horn, Linda Hart and to all other members who are in need of prayer. Our condolences go out to the family on the passing of our brother Matthew Kreger.


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