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11 TUE - Veteran's Day BBQ!
22 SAT - Turkey Shoot!!


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David Bilderback 11/3
Shannon Parker 11/4
Roy Ancira 11/8
Tom Butters 11/9
Robert Daniels 11/11
Armand Chevalier 11/12
Annette Hammell 11/13
Fernando Cabral 11/13
Nicollete Dean 11/13
Anthony Gatlin 11/15
Paul Maddison 11/16
Fred ROss 11/18
Marilyn Dinger 11/19
Terry Castellon 11/21
Lynda Williams 11/21
James Vanover 11/22
Pamela O'Nail 11/25
Jimmy Barela 11/25
Joe Bejar 11/25
Josefina Guzman 11/27
Rita Armendariz 11/28
Neil Morrison 11/29
Doug Moore 11/30
William Coney 11/30

Theresa Haney
Lisa Sandoval
Greetings LOOM & WOTM,
Happy Holidays! These last few months have been very hectic. I want to thank all the members who attended the special meeting last month - I appreciate you. Thank you to the members who stepped up with HUGE donation and anyone else who donated $$. Every penny counts. We're still not in the clear. The Social Quarters alone cannot keep our doors open. We need members to step up and host events that will bring members in. Special thanks to Fernando and Armida Cabral who again hosted the 3rd Annual Car Show. It was a huge success! We will be having a Veteran's BBQ on November 11th and a Turkey Shoot on November 22nd. See you there!

The Belairs Concert and the Car Show were a great success! Thanks to all who helped. As you may already know, our administrator Chris Aguirre will be resigning his office on November 16th, 2014. We need someone to step up and take his place. Come on down and spend some time with your fellow Moose members this holiday season. Remember this is the season of giving and sharing our blessings with those less fortunate. And as always say a prayer for the children at Moosehart and the seniors at Moosehaven.

Hello everyone,
Hard to believe it's already November! It's been busy around here with lots of events, including the Belairs Concert, a Car Show, Painting Parties, and our own Kid's Halloween Party. Thank you sooo much for all the donations of candy and trinkets! There was a great assortment for the kids to choose from! We have raised money for the Moosehart and Moosehaven the last few months with both Christmas in October and the Cradle Fund. Just one more request for money - our Kids Christmas Party on December 13th. Look for the wrapped water jug in the social quarters. Thanks to all of those who have been cooking and an invitation to those who think they might want to. Don't be afraid! We'll help you! We have fun and appreciate the effort! Any ideas for events are gladly welcome! See you at the Moose!

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Prayers go out to Monte Shuput, Agnes Green, Brenda Hoover, Robert "Doc" Horn and anyone else in need of prayer!


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